Our Team

Our Team


Kearstin Patterson

AVP of Communication and Design

Kearstin is a leading figure in the Nashville community in both the healthcare technology and nonprofit sectors who now brings her dynamic social skills and influence to IT&S. With a high standard of taste and tenacity, Kearstin sets the direction and builds connections—with her team, with other departments, with other lines of business—to position and propel the Communication & Design team as integral creative leaders within HCA and the healthcare industry. Always up for an adventure, Kearstin can be found camping out for concert tickets, traveling to undiscovered destinations or photo bombing celebrities – sometimes all in the same day.


Wes Driver

Consulting Communication Specialist

For Wes, it all starts with story. Bringing to bear his experience in publishing and video production, Wes infuses strong narrative and creativity into his corporate communications whatever the messaging or the medium. He serves as Team Lead for the communicators, offering editorial insight and creative perspectives on the team’s diverse projects and initiatives. Wes loves film, philosophy, and fried okra.


Lisa Horak

Sr. Communication Specialist

Focused primarily on the Field Operations organization, Lisa creates communication plans and drafts division-directed messaging that spans across all IT&S’s 15 divisions. Skilled in strategic thinking and first-rate writing, refined by years of publishing experience, Lisa has a natural gift for building relationships, which has allowed her to work with field communication reps and leaders to cast a strong, expansive new vision for field communications. Leaving her New York roots (and accent) behind years ago, she loves most everything southern and believes she mastered the art of knowing exactly when to say bless their heart.


Laura Liles

Sr. Communication Specialist

Sharp as a tack, smart as whip, Laura crafts communications with unmatched precision and clarity. Using her years of experience in technical writing, Laura knows how to take complex concepts and technological information and turn it into concise, consumable copy. She is also a master of developing new strategies while carefully measuring their success, always looking to improve the effectiveness of our team and its communications.

Sarah Porterfield

Sr. Digital Communication Specialist

Sarah is a versatile creative with deep technical expertise. A writer, a web designer, a jill-of-all-trades, Sarah is perhaps best known as our guru for social media. With experience in news media and public relations, Sarah knows how to market, and her inspired efforts in the social media sphere continue to make IT&S a more visible presence in the healthcare IT industry. If she’s not tweeting for IT&S or building a website, Sarah is probably reading every novel that’s been called the next Gone Girl or chasing after her twin toddler boys and daughter.


Sunny Powell

Sr. Communication Specialist

The communication representative for our Infrastructure Services & Operations Department, Sunny is as bright and fiery as her name suggests, providing innovative communication strategies to IT&S’s most foundational department. Leaning on her vast experience in news broadcasting, Sunny is a resourceful and imaginative communication specialist, who maintains a rapid pace of blogs, social media posts, project reports, and other key departmental messaging.


Angela Vaden

Sr. Communication Specialist

Angela is known for her near-supernatural grasp of the IT&S organization and its complex network of employees, giving her unique insight to develop keen communication strategies for whatever department or initiative she’s serving. Whether drafting plans for enterprise initiatives or crafting messaging for leadership, Angela always brings a bevy of fresh, substantive ideas for making a powerful impact through communication.



Event & Content Coordinator

Energetic and astute, Kathryn is our virtuoso of event coordination. From catering to contracts to onsite production, Kathryn works all the angles for major organizational events, including our massive IT&S All Hands. She also keeps other key Communication & Design activities on track, managing our online store, overseeing our editorial calendar, preparing and promoting industry awards, and assisting with day-to-day content needs. You will usually find Kathryn gallivanting around Nashville and planning her next jet-setting adventure.



Jessi Hammond

Creative Manager

As Team Lead for the designers, Jessi offers her insight and expertise to the team’s ever-expanding array of projects while also impressing with her own sleek, sophisticated corporate design. A thoughtful, enthusiastic collaborator, Jessi brings her passion to bear on design needs across many HCA business lines, sharing her knowledge and skills in web design, print collateral, and branding.

Derrick Castle

Consulting Graphic Designer

A world-class designer with a client list that includes Crate & Barrel, Nike, and Disney, Derrick Castle (known to his legions of fans as Strawcastle) brings an illustrator’s eye to his design work. Whether working in print or digital (or woodblocks), Derrick balances his edgy aesthetic with a professional polish. In his rare downtime, he likes to watch horror movies while sipping on one of his homemade cocktails.

Mandy Haskins

Sr. Graphic Designer

Mandy’s design acumen spans the gamut, as she works her fresh yet refined style into print and web work, illustration and motion graphics. She’s lived everywhere from Maine to New Orleans, in boats and on farms and uses her rich life experience to influence her eclectic design aesthetic. When she’s not churning out smart design, she’s discovering new music or growing something in her garden.